Bonneville Power Administration Case Study

Project Highlights
  • Comprehensive testing of a scalable mobile unit by a utility
  • Business model support for multiple use cases under multiple parties
  • 01 Project Introduction

    Powin Energy worked with the Bonneville Power Administration on an energy storage project that dealt with a confluence of industry drivers—including substantial penetration of renewable generation in the Pacific Northwest, the high capital cost of managing grid peak demands, and large capital investments in grid infrastructure for reliability. All of these factors are driving new interest in the applications of modular, transportable, battery storage systems, which BPA and other parties, such as BPA’s customer utilities, could quickly permit and deploy, allowing the region to optimize and balance variable energy production.

  • 02 Project Summary

    The project’s objective was to “mission-prove” a modular, dispatchable battery-based energy storage system for deployment by BPA and its utility customers to help meet the region’s energy challenges. Four separate tests were performed:

    • Basic evaluation and qualification at BPA’s Ross Complex Medium Power Lab
    • Support for wind generation at the Energy Northwest Nine Canyon Wind Farm
      -Support for solar generation at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) Solar Facility
    • Support for demand reduction for the City of Richland, Washington
  • 03 Results

    The basic evaluation and qualification testing was conducted in accordance with PNNL protocols and the results were used to develop the simulation and modeling software that would be needed for testing the six use cases in the project’s three applications. Goals of the project included:

    • Providing hands-on experience in the deployment, integration, operation and maintenance of an energy storage system
    • Verifying actual technical performance, reliability and durability in the fie
    • Collecting actual operating data for use in simulation and evaluation mode
    • Determining how to best utilize battery-based energy storage systems to meet BPA’s operational challenges
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