Meet B.E.S.S.

Battery Cells

A Brain Behind Every Battery

Battery cells are the smallest components of the BESS and contain the actual battery chemicals. Each BESS can have thousands of cells, which comprise the building blocks for the entire system.

Battery Modules

Strength in Numbers

Modules protect a group of cells from being strained too heavily. Each module comes with a controller that balances charges across its particular selection of cells.

Battery Packs

The Core Of Our BESS

Modules are connected together into packs to scale to a wide range of power capacities. These packed units have a dedicated controller, ensuring that the modules behind each pack work together just as efficiently as the cells inside.

Battery Strings

Scaling Energy

Once all of the cells are aggregated into modules and packs they form a complete string. Multiple battery packs make critical decisions in unison as each reports states of charge, voltage, temperature, and other critical data to the BMS.


Battery Energy Storage System

We then take multiple strings of batteries and compile them under a unified battery management system: the Powin BESS.

The BESS software gauges the information each system element passes up the chain, making the most of every computational cycle and working together with broader energy managers with ease.


Lasting Durability

Take comfort in knowing your system is engineered to give the most reliable performance possible, with no downtime for manual battery balancing. With specialized charging controls, the Powin BESS balances the charge of each battery in real-time, ensuring equal voltage levels across the system.


Protecting Your Investment

As the BESS tracks temperature, voltage, and current flowing through the cells, Powin’s custom algorithms monitor when conditions encroach warranty parameters. The system can isolate problem zones, send email notifications, and file warranty claims before damage occurs.