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With a visionary investment from leading green-tech capital fund SFCE, Powin Energy set out to create dynamic energy storage solutions.  

Our proprietary Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) advances Powin Energy’s mission and battles global energy inefficiencies head-on.

Every BESS is layered with performance and safety in mind.

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The BESS is already at work for our visionary partners.

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A Formula for Success


For over two decades Powin Corporation has been designing and manufacturing high-quality products for the globalized world.


The Bonneville Power Administration turned to Powin Energy, with its deep rooted business experience in the Pacific Northwest and abroad, to showcase our energy storage and battery management solutions applied at multiple points on their grid.


The results of the two year study are clear: optimized battery storage reduces inefficiencies, increases interconnectability, and maximizes grid flexibility.

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Built on Experience

Geoffrey Brown President
Mike Wietecki General Counsel
Pat Emmons Director of Engineering
Danny Lu VP of Sales & Marketing
Robert Tyrrell VP of Products
Virgil Beaston CTO
Joseph Lu Chairman

With an experienced staff of design, logistics, engineering, and manufacturing experts, Powin has delivered high-quality products for its clients for over twenty years.

Turning its focus to energy solutions, Powin Energy is leveraging their deep industrial knowledge to address the world’s growing need to provide more efficient and intelligent energy sources.